Beginning September 12, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through October 7 during lunch recess, Woodcrest third, fourth and fifth grade students will be given the opportunity to enhance their overall fitness by participating in a run/walk program. This activity will occur on the playground. Students will run/walk around the perimeter of the playground, keeping track of their laps as they run.

One of the goals of the run club is to give students the opportunity to earn recognition by completing mileage the equivalent to one marathon (26 miles). Our time is limited during recess, so I do accept mileage completed outside of the lunch recess run club. If your child runs/walks outside of the school day, but not during a practice for sport programs, they may count that mileage toward their marathon mileage. A signed parent note with their completed mileage will be needed to record their mileage.

Students who decide to participate in this program are allowed to come any day (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday) that they choose to attend. Students will have the opportunity to monitor their own individual progress. For cardiovascular benefits to occur, students must try to attend on a consistent basis.