The MPS city-wide elementary track meet will be Tuesday, June 1st.

The track meet starts at 4:30 at the Midland Stadium. Please try to be ready in the stands by 4:15.

Woodcrest is in the BLUE division. Blue division will be doing field events first (high jump, long jump, softball throw). All relays will take place at the end of the meet. When the Red division is finished with running events and the Blue division is finished with the field events, both groups will then switch.

If you are in the high jump and another field event (long jump or softball throw) go to high jump FIRST. Check in with the person running your other field event and let them know you will be doing the high jump first.

You may wear your Woodcrest shirt to school the day of the meet to promote team spirit.

Mrs. Fletcher will have a clipboard and a copy of the events that you have signed up for in the event that you need to double check which events you are in.

All Woodcrest shirts are to be returned before leaving the track meet on Tuesday. Please return your shirt to the shirt bag - see Mrs. Fletcher when you have finished your last track event.

Jersey replacement costs are $35.

Adams will be running a limited concession stand for the meet this year.

There will be a first-aid station located in the infield offered by Mid-Michigan Health.

All ribbons will be handed out by Mrs. LaCourt after the track meet results have been posted. Please do NOT go to the press box for ribbons.