Feb. 2nd Jump Rope Club Performance at Dow High School

We are very excited for Tuesday night’s performance at Dow High School. Basically, we will follow the same procedure as last Monday. The boy’s varsity game is scheduled to start at approximately 7:30 pm. We are meeting in the Green gym (the new gym) at Dow High no later than 7:15 pm. Mr. Davis, the athletic director, would like you to use the door on the west side of the building – in the new entrance. Please feel free to park in that parking lot as well.

I will have bottled water for the jumpers following their performance.

Jumpers are invited to wear their Woodcrest shirts to school on Monday.

Please do not hesitate to contact me .


This performance will be Friday, Feb. 12th. We will be performing at the halftime of the 7:00 match. Students will need to arrive to the Midland Community Tennis Center by 6:45. Each jumper will get in for free and will receive one adult ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased. The cost is $8 for a child and $12 for an adult. Checks need to be made out to MCTC.